All Superior towers are designed for safety. All towers come with stair cases made from 4" C purlin with skid guard on steps and handrails on one side of the staircases. All bases are made from 2x2x3/16 angle iron. All bases with porches comes as one piece base and porch constructed out of 2x2x3/16 angle and porch handrial and 4" C purlin with skid guard on steps. All tower legs are constructed from 2x2x3/16 angle iron and all braces from 1.5x1.5x3/16 angel iron.

Standard Features: Enamel paint, Stair cases and one handrail, Porch handrail, Tower directions and bolt kits



4x4 Towers w/porch

  • Ground Base- DBTB44
  • 4X4X5 Tower-DBTB445
  • 4X4X10 Tower-DBTB4410
  • 4X4X15 Tower-DBTB4415

(Six Shooter-4x6 Side Entrys- 4x4- Extreme Combos-4x4 Deluxe or Premium- Renegade Combos come with this model tower).

NO Porch Bases

  • Ground Base-DBTBNP
  • 4x4x5 Tower-DBTBNP445
  • 4x4x10 Tower- DBTBNP4410
  • 4X6 End Door-4x6 Deluxe or Premium-4x6 Bow Blinds

4x6 Towers w/porch

  • Ground Base- DBTB46
  • 4X6X5 Tower-DBTB465
  • 4x6x10 Tower- DBTB4610
  • 4x6x15 Tower-DBTB4610
  • 6x6- 6x6 Deluxe or Premium

6X6 Towers w/Porch

  • Ground Base- DBTB66
  • 6X6X5 Tower-DBTB665
  • 6x6x10 Tower-DBTB6610

20' Towers by SPECIAL ORDER

  • Includes 2 safety hand rails and full porch hand rail.
  • Only trailer hauled with likely additional freight charges
  • Available in 4x4, 4x6, and 5x6

Stair Case and one Handrail

  • 5' Staircase- DBTWST5
  • 10' Staircase- DBTWST10
  • 15' Staircase- DNTWST15

Optional Handrials

  • 5' Staircase handrails- DBSHA-5
  • 10' Staircase handrails- DBSHA-10
  • 15' Staircase handrails- DBSHA-15

Bolt Kits

  • Base Bolt Kit- TBKB
  • 5' Tower Bolt Kit- TBKB5
  • 10' Tower Bolt Kit- TBKB10
  • 15' Tower Bolt Kit-TBKB15
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